• So Long Cursive

    Cursive loyalists lament the loss of cursive teaching in schools. WSJ’s Andy Jordan reports from San Francisco.

  • Obama So Far? Miss Minnie Talks Perspective

    Former civil rights activist and educator “Miss Minnie”, first profiled by WSJ at President Obama’s 2009 inauguration, offers her perspective on how Obama has done over the past four years. WSJ’s Andy Jordan also talks to her fellow citizens of Georgetown, South Carolina to find out what they think of Obama and what the next …

  • Casual Fridays Go Formal

    To be hip at Silicon Valley startups these days, one must leave the flip-flops and hoodies at home and dress up on Fridays. WSJ’s Andy Jordan reports from San Francisco on the “anti-Casual Friday” that’s come to be known as “Formal Friday”

  • Hidden Message In London Eye

    The iconic London Eye has been turned into a social media “mood ring” for the Olympics games, portraying in a light show the mood of the British people during the games, as interpreted through data analysis of Tweets. WSJ’s Andy Jordan reports from London.